TTurbCAL - TriOS Mess- und Datentechnik

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TTurbCAL is a solid standard for precise verification of the function of the TriOS turbidity sensor TTurb-1000. The standard is calibrated to the measuring characteristics of the assigned sensor. Since no reagents have to be used, TTurbCAL allows an uncomplicated application on site and thus offers a fast and reliable calibration of our TriOS TTurb-1000 turbidity sensors.
Measurement principle

Turbidity FNU / NTU

Housing material

Dimensions (H x Ø)
110 mm x 50 mm
~ 4.3“ x 2“
225 g
~ 0.5 lbs

Calibration / maintenance interval
2 years (together with the paired enviroFlu)
1 year (EU & US: 2 years)

Recommended ambient temperature during use
+ 20 °C
~ +68 °F
Storage temperature
+ 2 … + 25 °C in darkness
~ +35.6 °F...+77 °F
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