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Manufacturer information according to German law TDG/ MDStV.

TriOS Mess- und Datentechnik GmbH
Bürgermeister-Brötje-Str. 25
26180 Rastede

Managing director: Rüdiger Heuermann
Phone.: 0049 - (0)4402 - 69670-0
Fax: 0049 - (0)4402 - 69670-20

Technical Support:
General Questions / Sales:
District court Oldenburg, HRB 3992
EU-VAT ID: DE 191484472

WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 93713927
Terms of use
Using this website implies recognition of the Terms of Use formulated here as binding. The use of this internet presence provided by TriOS GmbH (provider) by customers and third parties (users) takes place in accordance with the following provisions:

Range of information
In the stated internet presence the user is being presented with a multitude of diverse information. This information partly stems directly from the provider and partly from the cooperation partners of the provider. An instantaneous update off all information such as product data or corporate news cannot be ensured at all times. With time information the underlying time zone needs to be considered.

The provider shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information provided by the internet site is accurate and complete. Yet he is not liable for, nor does he guarantee the up-to-dateness, correctness or completeness of the information provided on this website.
The provider is not liable for direct or indirect damages, including lost earnings, which arise by reason of or otherwise in connection with the information provided on his website.
No offers, advice or recommendations
The contents of the internet site do not represent an offer of contract nor financial (or other) advice. Our website introduces discretionary products and discloses discretionary product information. This information does not contain any quality assurances. By making available contents on this website or through their retrieval, the provider shall not enter into any contractual relationship whatsoever with the User.
In particular, the internet site does not offer replacement for advice on the use of products or other matters. The contents of our website are not to be understood as a recommendation for certain product applications or the refrain from certain product uses without prior individual consultation pertaining to the needs and the complete situation of the user. This applies particularly to the help-modules that provide mostly standardized information but do not offer individual consultation.
Binding information is exclusively given on request by the respective members of TriOS staff or by TriOS sales partners.
A contact person in charge can be assigned by email request to the following address: .
Links and Frames
Links of offers from third parties on undersides, subdirectories or files on the presence of the provider are only permitted upon prior written approval of the provider. The same applies for the integration of offers or parts of the offer into a third-party-offer using “frames” (embedded window).
The provider is not responsible for the contents of any third-party sites that are directly or indirectly being referred to on his web presence. The contents of these pages that are referred to by a link were neither authorized by the provider nor are they continuously reviewed by the provider.
In particular, the provider of this website expressly does not adopt linked contents as his own.

Copyright and rights of use
The content of this website is protected by copyright. all rights of use to the website and the content provided belong to the provider.
All rights are reserved.
The user of the internet site is afforded the right to temporarily save and download entire texts or excerpts of texts, made available by the internet site. Permanent saving or duplication of content requires the consent of the provider. This consent can be retrieved under
Data Protection
The provider treats personal data entrusted to him in a responsible way. Personal data are collected, processed and used taking account of the valid national and European data protection rules, in particular of the German Teleservices Data Protection Act [Teledienstedatenschutzgesetzes].

Choice of Law
German law shall exclusively be applicable.
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