Measuring Station - TriOS Mess- und Datentechnik

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Measuring Station

Event-Driven Sample Collection

The new TriOS sample collection system is a stationary sampler with integrated measurement technology in a stainless steel housing. It uses thermostatic control for automatic sample extraction according to the vacuum principle. Up to 12 sample containers can be used.
Double-walled stainless steel (material 1.4301/ SS304) / PS / PC (GF10) with 40 mm insulation. Housing separated in sample compartment and control compartment, each with lockable door. Upper door with plexiglass window. Protective top made of Styrosun which can be opened for connection and maintenance works
Thermostatic control
Self-contained, controlled cooling / heating with 4 settings, no-frost. Independent of the programmable controller, Temperature in sample compartment: 4 °C (adjustable from 0...9,9 °C)
Sampling modes
Time-related, flow-dependent, event-related, manual sample extraction
Microprocessor control, Sleep-Mode (<5 mA), power supply 8-16 V foil keyboard (with keys 0-9, ESC, ENT, cursor), graphical display (128*64 Pixel), back lit
Data logger
3000 entries, non-volatile data memory; storage of sampling and malfunction data like sample extractions, bottle changes, messages, external signals
Program start options
End of sampling program
  • After 1 run
  • After X runs
  • Continuous operation
  • Date/time
Pause mode
Interruption of program run at any time
Overfilling protection
Adjustable from 1–999 samples/bottle
Interval setting
1 min. to 99 h 59 min. in steps of 1 minute
Pulse setting
1 to 9999 pulses/sample
Manual sample extraction
Possible at any time without interrupting the current program run
Program protection
Up to 5 years after voltage loss
Mini-USB, RS-232
Signal inputs
  • 2x analog: 0/4-20 mA,
  • 8x digital (flow, event, 1 inputs can be programmed freely)
  • Impulse length 60ms, switching level 7-24 V,
  • Max. working resistance 500 Ohm, max. length of signal cable 30 m
Signal outputs / status messages
8 digital outputs, 1x of them as collective malfunction message
Sampling method
Vacuum system 1000 ml
U-System, suction height up to 40 m
Single sample volume accuracy
Vacuum system: < 2,5 % or +/- 3 ml
Dimensions (HxWxD)
1490 (2040 with open top) x 605 x 645 mm  
~ 58.7˝ (80.3˝ with open top) x 23.8˝ x 25.4˝
~ 110 kg with composite container
~ 242.5 lbs
Wetted materials
PC, PVC, Silicone, PS, PE, EPDM
Power supply
230 V / 115 V / AC
Power requirement
Approx. 350 VA (with cooling)
Ambient temperature
-20...+43 °C
~ -4 °F to 109.4 °F
Sample temperature
0...+40 °C
~ 0 °F to  104 °F
CE, Sampling according to ISO 5667-10, EN16479

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