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FlowCell FC 48/10 Ultrasonic

FlowCell with integrated ultra sonic cleaning

In addition to the standard FlowCell, TriOS now also offers an ultrasonic FlowCell which combines the bypass-installation with direct cleaning.

Fouling on the measurement windows can be prevented by the use of ultrasound. The condition of the optical path can be monitored at any time through the monitoring window and the lighting unit.

The FlowCell FC 48/10 USC is suitable for all TriOS photometers with a path length of up to 10 mm.

Voltage supply
12...24 VDC (± 10%)
Power consumption
≤ 15 W
Control connection
Trigger input to initiate ultrasonic cleaning (galvanically isolated),
Control voltage 5 – 24 VDC
Connection via M5-connector (a suitable M5 connection cable with open end is included in the delivery)
Power cable
M5-connector with optional DC power adapter cable and suitable 230V-power supply
Operating temperature
+1...+40 °C
~ +33.8 °F to +104 °F
Storage temperature
-20...+70 °C
~ -4 °F to +158 °F
Protection type

Dimensions W/H/D
115 x 136 x 90 mm
~ 4.5˝ x 5.4˝ x 3.5˝
1 kg
~ 2.2 lbs
Housing: Polyoxymethylene (POM)

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