FlowCell eCHEM - TriOS Mess- und Datentechnik

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FlowCell for eCHEM Sensors

Modular FlowCell system with easy assembly  concept

This FlowCell was solely developed for our eCHEM product range and is based on a simple but clever system. By only one screw rotation, the side parts of the FlowCell can be released and expanded by further modules. For wall-mounting, only the black mounting element has to be fixed at the wall. After this, the FlowCell is simply put in front of it and can be secured with a fixing bolt.

The base module comprises one FlowCell Base Unit and can be expanded by further base modules and closing side modules.  

This concept allows complete freedom in the conception of an application by giving the ability to change and adjust the system at any time. This FlowCell system is compatible with the black Turbidity FlowCell.

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