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TriOS Buoy-175 is a modern state-of-the-art instrumentation platform for environmental monitoring of water quality in small lakes, reservoirs or rivers. Flexibility, robustness, easy servicing access and protection for vandalism have been the main driving forces during the development of Buoy-175.

A large technical compartment contains batteries, controller, cables, etc. It is connected inside the Buoy -175 to the easy accessible Sensor Sections. The Sensor Sections are 4 locked build –in Moon Pools in the buoy that protect the sensors and measuring instruments.

The system is supplied with a range of sensors that can specified by the customer. All buoys are fitted with solar panels and batteries. An airblast cleaning system used on many TriOS sensors, Navigation/warning lights and other markings together with telemetry options are available, selected to suit both the location and application requirements.

Each of the 4 sensor frames can hold up to four sensors and is completely adaptable to any applications needs.

Possible options:
  • Data Controller
  • Airblast system
  • Topmarks (e.g. St. Andrews Cross)
  • Marine lantern
  • Weather station/Meteorological sensor package
  • Telemetry
  • Expandable battery pack from 2 to 8 cells
Hull structure
Welded UV stabilized polyethylene. Internally cross-braced with steel rods and connected to the stainless steel bushings in the mooring and lifting eyes. The hull is also filled with PUR foam to prevent water ingress in the event of hull damage.
UV stabilized polyethylene
Single bridle
2 lifting eyes
Colour pigment blended into polyethylene. No painting required

Hull diameter
1620 mm
~ 63.8˝
Total height *
2040 mm
~ 80.3˝
400 mm
~ 15.7˝
500 mm
~ 19.7˝
Tower height
1040 mm
~ 41˝
Focal height - Height of the signal lamp above water level
1500 mm
~ 59.1˝
Hull buoyancy
1400 kg
~ 55.1˝
Reserve buoyancy *
780 kg
~ 30.7˝
Full weight*
620 kg
~ 24.4˝

Solar panels (Wp)
4 x 60 with MPPT charge controller
Batteries12V (Ah)
120 – 480 (2 – 8 cells)
Battery type
AGM lead-acid

* Without sensors, frames, batteries and other options.
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