Water pollution by oil

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Water pollution by oil

TriOS Mess- und Datentechnik
Published by TriOS Mess- und Datentechnik in TriOS News · Monday 26 Jul 2021
Water pollution is an issue that is becoming increasingly important. Whether it is due to the effects of advancing industrialization and related catastrophes such as Deep Water Horizon or, more recently, environmental events that cause immense damage in terms of their scale and impact. Again and again we have to watch how our most important resource is polluted by diesel, gasoline or heating oil and thus becomes a lasting danger for humans, animals and nature.

The contribution that TriOS would like to make to making water usable and safe again is the measurement technology that we are constantly researching and developing. Our flagship in this field so far is the enviroFlu, our sensor for measuring polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (oil in water), or PAHs for short, or highly carcinogenic hydrocarbon compounds in water. This sensor is already used globally in water analysis, both in environmental monitoring and drinking water systems as well as on flue gas cleaning systems on ships.

In order to make this measurement technology accessible to smaller budgets, we have thought ahead and now developed a product that combines both: precise measurement technology of PAH compounds at a small price. This new sensor is microFlu HC. Its small size makes it handy and universally applicable, both in the field and in laboratories and flow units. Fast optical measurements provide precise measurement results, allowing a correct assessment of the water and its contamination. In this way, we want to make our contribution to safeguarding the quality of water so that it does not become a danger even in the face of unforeseen environmental events, but remains the essential raw material that we all need to live.

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