AirShot2 - TriOS Mess- und Datentechnik

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The compact pressured air cleaning system AirShot2 works with pressured air pulses instead of a continuous air flow, thus reducing the required amount of air significantly and enabling a very compact design.
Furthermore the pressure pulses perform a more effective cleaning than continuous air flow systems, making the AirShot2 a valuable addition to every system.
AirShot2 can be used as an alternative to a standard compressor and can be operated with a TriBox3. To prevent the AirShot2 from overheating it features a internal temperate monitor which indicates excessive heat with a LED.
The cleaning process of the AirShot2 requires only 5 seconds. It can be triggered at a minimum interval of 5 minutes.
Voltage supply
230 VAC, max. 200 W, 0.8 A
for 6 mm hoses ( 4 mm inner diameter )
Power Cable Length
3 m
~ 9´ 8˝
Control Line Length
5 m
~ 16´ 4˝
Trigger Input
12...24 VDC, M8 4-Pin

Wiper Output
M8 4-Pin

3 x Status LED
Temperature Range: Impulse Box
-5...+40 °C
~ +23 °F to +104 °F
Temperature Range: Compressor
-10...+40 °C
~ +14 °F to +104 °F
Protection type

Dimensions (W/H/D)
190 x 260 x 125 mm und 90 x Ø46 mm
~ 7.5˝ x 10.2˝ x 4.9˝ and 3.5" x Ø1.8"
4.4 kg
~ 9.7 lbs
Housing: Polycarbonat

5 s every 5 min
Max. Pressure
7 bar
~ 101.5 psig

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