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Calibration liquid TW Turb

Calibration liquid TW Turb
TriOS provides calibration liquids with 3.2 FNU for TW Turb-4 and 32 FNU for TW Turb-40 which are needed for the calibration of TW Turb-4 and TW-Turb 40. The calibration liquid is supplied in a set of six bags with 220 mL each.
The calibration kit offers a quick and easy calibration of TW Turb on site. No dangerous fluids and no expertise are needed.

For proper use, read and follow the respective manuals or documentation for the sensors or the manufacturer's water quality monitoring systems.

Safety data sheet Calibration liquid TW Turb-40
Sicherheitsdatenblatt Kalibrierlösung TW Turb-40
Safety data sheet Calibration liquid TW Turb-4
Sicherheitsdatenblatt Kalibrierlösung TW Turb-4
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