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Online fluorometer for determination of colourings and pigments by measurements of fluorescence emission.
Miniature fluorometer

nanoFlu fluorometers are low-priced, submersible miniaturized fluorometers for highly precise and selective measurement of CDOM (colored dissolved organic matter, yellow substances), chlorophyll a or phycocyanin in cyanobacteria. Long-term stability of measurements is ensured by the combination of low power consumption and innovative coating of the optical window, as an energy efficient and environmentally friendly anti-fouling solution. The devices can be used in diverse applications for the monitoring of sea and river waters, as well as in drinking- and wastewater treatment systems. Internal reference signals of the high performance LEDs used for fluorescence excitation compensate aging effects and temperature influences.
Light source
Photo diodes
Measurement principle
CDOM [µg/L]
or chlorophyll a [µg/L]
or phycocyanin [µg/L]
or rhodamine [µg/L]
or fluorescein [µg/L]
Measurement range
0...200 μg/L
Measurement accuracy
± 5 %
Turbidity compensation
Data logger
T100 response time
6 s
Measurement interval
3 s

Housing material
Stainless steel (1.4571/1.4404) or titanium (3.7035)
Dimensions (L x Ø)
171 mm x 36 mm
~ 6.7“ x 1.4“
Weight stainless steel
0.5 kg
~ 1.1 lbs
Weight titanium
0.4 kg
~ 0.9 lbs

Interface digital
Ethernet (TCP/IP), RS-232 or RS-485 (Modbus RTU)
Power consumption typical
< 1 W
Power consumption with network
< 1,6 W
Power supply
12...24 VDC (± 10 %)

Maintenance effort
≤ 0.5 h/month (typical)
Calibration/maintenance interval
24 months
System compatibility
Modbus RTU
1 year (EU: 2 years)
US: 2 years

Max. pressure with SubConn
30 bar
~ 435 psig
Max. pressure with fixed cable
3 bar
~ 43.5 psig
Max. pressure in FlowCell
1 bar, 2...4 L/min
~ 14.5 psig, 0.5 to 1 gpm
Protection type

Sample temperature
+2...+40 °C
~ +36 °F to +104 °F
Ambient temperature
+2...+40 °C
~ +36 °F to +104 °F
Storage temperature
-20...+80 °C
~ -4 °F to +176 °F
Inflow velocity
0.1...10 m/s
~ 0.33 fps to 33 fps

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