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Lower Saxony supports TriOS

TriOS Mess- und Datentechnik
Published by TriOS Mess- und Datentechnik in TriOS News · 3 December 2018
TriOS’ business is running well and we already have concrete plans for expansions of production- and company sites. Additionally the land of lower Saxony wants to support this development and handed the CEO Rüdiger Heuermann a grant of 1.924 million euro on Wednesday, the 28 November 2018.
The subsidies come from the joint Federal Government/Länder programme for improving regional economic structures (GRW) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and were handed to the company by Lower Saxony's Minister of Economic Affairs, Labor, Transportation and Digitalisation, Bernd Althusmann. Also present for this special occasion were state parliament representative Karin Logemann, SPD, district administrator of the rural district of Ammerland Jörg Bensberg and Rastede’s mayor Dieter von Essen. The extraordinary achievements of the company in the past years were emphasized by the guests and also the fact that TriOS was able to create attractive jobs for qualified employees which strengthens Ammerland as an economic region. This was party possible due to the successful and uncomplicated cooperation with the municipality.
The subsidies as well as a big part of equity capital will be invested into extensive business expansions. In the next year a further building shall be built, which will contain a cafeteria, new production facilities and a training center.

Further reports to the event can be found at RTL Nord and Nordwest-Zeitung.

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